"The Innocent Man"'s Eun-gi loses her memory again

Mun Che-won, who was trying to recover her memory, could not recognize Song Jung-gi.

In the 13th episode of the Wednesday-Thursday mini-series "The Innocent Man," (which came out on October 24th), the picture of Eun-gi (acted by Mun Che-won) trying to recover her memory of Maru (acted by Song Jung-gi)'s identity was drawn.

As Maru fell asleep, Eun-gi gained consciousness and disappeared after seeing Maru's face. Maru then woke up surprised, and went on to look for Eun-gi.

Maru found Eun-gi fainted in the hospital benches, and he woke her up saying, "Why do you walk outside without letting me know? Did you know how worried I was?" But Eun-gi pushed Maru's hand away. Staring at him coldly she asked "Who are you?" as if she had never met him before, which came to Maru as a shock.

Many viewers are wondering whether Eun-gi had fallen into a state of amnesia due to her previous painful attempts trying to recover her memories of Maru.

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