Visiting Saudi mayor says bridges are impressive

Hani Mohammad bin Ahmad Aburas, the mayor of Jeddah, the largest port in Saudi Arabia, visited Mayor Hur Nam-sik on March 4 and expressed his marvel at Busan's advanced transportation facilities and bridges.

Mayor Hani Mohammad and his party visited the Busan Transportation Information Center as well as Gwangan Bridge and Saenggok Landfill, and showed great interest in the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

"Currently, Jeddah is also building more bridges and tunnels," Mayor Hani Mohammad said. "We are here to learn from Busan about bridge construction."

"Gwangan Bridge is Korea's first two-story marine bridge, and every year, local and international tourists come to Busan to admire this immense work of architecture," Mayor Hur replied. "I hope Busan's examples will contribute to Jeddah's reconstruction efforts."

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