Discussion to address solution on the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery

MOGEF Minister Kim Kum-lae will meet Mr. Michael Honda, a representative of the House of Representatives of USA at 2 p.m. in the afternoon of January 8, 2013 to discuss on the cooperation ways to find solution on the Japanese military sexual slavery of Korea. Mr. Honda is visiting Korea for the regular conference between congress members of Korea, USA and Japan which is scheduled to be held during January 9 ~10. 

Minister Kim will emphasize that the Japanese military sexual slavery was an act violating universal human rights and it should be approached as a sense to protect women’s human rights in wartime. 

Congressman Mike Honda has strong concerns on women’s human rights and initiated the submission of USA Congress resolution H. RES.121 in 2007 demanding Japanese government’s historical responsibility on the Japanese military sexual slavery. 

The resolution defines “the comfort women” as “system of forced military prostitution by the Government of Japan unprecedented in its cruelty and magnitude in one of the largest cases of human trafficking in the 20th century.” 

MOGEF is assisting livelihood stabilization for the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery and supporting for the health care and psychical treatment of the victims. MOGEF is also implementing commemorative business to recover the impaired reputation of the victims and enhance historical consciousness of descendants on the historic event. Among 236 victims who had been enrolled in MOGEF, only 58 grandmothers survived. 

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