3rd International Conference on Sharing suggests a direction for a “new era of hope”

-Bruce Sievers, a senior fellow with the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, David Hessekiel, president of the Cause Marketing Forum, photographer Cho Seihon, actor Sunwoo Jaeduk, and experts on sharing from in and outside Korea to join in as presenters and discussants (Press Center, June 10th to 11th) –

Health and Welfare Minister Chin Young said that the ministry will hold the “3rd International Conference on Sharing” at the Press Center from June 10th to 11th with the subject “suggestions to future generations for a new era of hope" to analyze policies for sharing in and outside Korea, introduce related systems, and discuss new paradigms on corporate social contributions and tasks for development.

Experts on sharing in and outside Korea, including Bruce Sievers, a senior fellow with the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors*, world’s largest advisory group for charity, and David Hessekiel, president of the Cause Marketing Forum, along with photographer Cho Seihon and actor Sunwoo Jaeduk will attend the conference.

    * a non-profit advisory group for the Rockefeller Foundation, the largest philanthropy organization in the United States with a history of 122 years, giving advice on donations worth 0.2 billion dollars per year

During the two-day conference, around 500 participants including experts, scholars and people from companies  will discuss tasks to help nurture our future leaders on sharing (day 1) and creativity so that they will be able to interconnect society with consumers and corporations (day 2).

Social interests in sharing have recently begun to spread but tend to end up as an emotional, one-time event. The conference consisted of six sessions _ three sessions per day _ and will be held to discuss what we must do to foster an environment for sound and sustainable sharing to ultimately help people walk into a new era of hope.

The conference drew attention as it planned to review Korea’s current policies for sharing through a comparative study, discuss education systems to nurture our next leaders on sharing, and seek ways to encourage companies to join sharing campaigns and cope with the changes of marketing strategies.

“It is important to spread the sharing culture for public happiness and social integration, so this conference will be a good chance to help develop sustainable sharing and build partnerships with foreign sharing organizations,” said Minister Chin. “The ministry will do its best to systemize sharing and foster a corporate sharing culture such as building infrastructures for sharing education and donation-based pensions to encourage civil organizations, companies, and people to join in on the sharing movement.”

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