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National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) under the Ministry of Environment (MOE) will carry out a special program for children and teenagers in summer. NIBR will recruit students for ‘Biological Resources School for Children’ and ‘Biological Resources Junior Curator’ from June 12 to 24.

‘Biological Resources School for Children’ is prepared for the 3rd to 6th grade students in elementary school. In the summer school, six programs including ‘biodiversity and humankind,’ ‘exploration on endangered birds,’ ‘learn about bees,’ and ‘make botanical specimen’ will be offered for three days.

‘Biological Resources Junior Curator’ program is for middle school and high school students. High school student class will be run from July 24 to 26 and middle school student class will be from August 6 to 9 including field practice.

A completion certificate will be given to the students upon finishing the ‘Biological Resources School for Children’ or ‘Biological Resources Junior Curator’ course. Those who are interested can apply for the program by e-mail or post from June 12 to 24.

An official in NIBR said that the students will have an opportunity to learn about biodiversity and raise awareness on the importance of biological resource through the special summer classes. Also, she added that NIBR will provide information useful to career choice of the students.

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