Return employees and readers love as main communication channel for the POSCO Family

CEO message in commemoration of the 19th anniversary of publication of POSCO News

POSCO News has reached its 19th birthday, after being first published in 1994.

Throughout these years, POSCO News has grown to become a major communication channel that the POSCO Family boasts on, inspiring self respect among employees and contributing greatly to raising our brand image both internally and externally.

I believe a major reason POSCO News has been able to grow this much is the proactive efforts in taking the stance of the reader. Becoming the eyes and feet of readers and going out into the field, and the efforts to become the mouths and ears of readers in communication—I believe these efforts have brought the love of readers to POSCO News. Also, I think an important growth factor of POSCO News is that it did not settle in one form, and efforts have always been made to change and seek an optimal communication method.

Communication does not simply refer to the flow of information. True communication is the sharing of important values. This must be an important role in an environment of various forms, and in the never-ending change of environments of today. POSCO News in this aspect has found the values that must be shared in the flow of information and contributed greatly in spreading them. At times, it has presented issues that needed to be pondered upon, and at times delivered a warm heart. It has presented milestones of the direction that the POSCO Family must head, and also meticulously pointed out the roles of individuals within that direction.

In its 19th anniversary, POSCO News is now an adult and is starting off on a new foot to once again deliver more in-depth communication. As an unprecedented corporate newspaper in Korea, the future of POSCO News carving a new path in each way brings about great expectations and excitement.

As a reader along with the POSCO Family, I support the good health and the very best of POSCO News. And I would also like to thank those readers that have imparted their unchanging support over the past 19 years. Thank you.

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