2NE1 reveals dance practice video of FALLING IN LOVE’s ‘harp’ dance in 4 styles

2NE1 revealed their dance practice video of ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, which displays the ‘harp’ dance in four different and unique styles of each member.

The video was posted on July 12 on 2NE1’s official YouTube channel and YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG-LIFE. Although it was a video of the members practicing, the dance is as good as the real performance on stage, as well as their singing.

2NE1 showed off their cute and fresh choreography along their new reggae song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’.

The four members successfully coated the ‘harp’ dance with their own colors, which is a movement that imitates harp playing. Although the choreography is the same, their styles differ from each other.

2NE1, in the past was known for their powerful and charismatic performance, but their comeback song is a comfortable and light one. Thus the choreography for ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ is also gives the pleasant feeling. The dance, designed by a famous Japanese choreographer, is itself a perfect portrayal of reggae’s free style.

When the first comeback performance was officially revealed on Mnet’s M Countdown yesterday, ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ received many positive reviews.

2NE1, starting from ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ in July, will promote their album by releasing a new song every month until October. As this is their first comeback in a long time, they want to show each song perfectly. The group also announced that they will be seen a lot more frequently on TV music and variety show programs. And this is about to start – on July 13 (Saturday), they will perform on MBC’s ‘SHOW! MUSIC CENTER’ for the fans.

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