Azerbaijan to adopt Korea’s online patent system

Korea’s integrated information system adopted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) is making its way to the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Following the first 2011 transfer into Mongolia, KIPOnet has been successfully launched in Azerbaijan this time, according to KIPO. Since its invention in 1999, the information system has been benchmarked by approximately 30 nations including the U.S. and Japan, and ten nations including India, the Philippines, and Vietnam have been consulting on it.

KIPO has successfully set up KIPOnet for the Azerbaijan government (photo courtesy of KIPO).

The discussion of technology transfer between Korea and Azerbaijan began in 2009 when the two intellectual property offices established their partnership. The project officially started in 2011 with Azerbaijan selected as the recipient of USD 4.2 million in Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). 

While providing the core services of KIPO, the system applied in Azerbaijan is customized to allow automation of all the processes for the creation of intellectual property, the preparation of a national information database, and intelligent search, as well as online electronic approval. 

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