Commemorating the Fallen Heroes of the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle

Commemorating the fallen heros of the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle
Kyeryong branch of the Navy Comrade Association

The Kyeryong branch of the ROK Navy Comrade Association (Chairman Choi, Jong Sik), held a commemoration ceremony for the fallen heroes of the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle at the 2nd cemetery of the Daejeon National Cemetery from 22 to 29 June, in which more than 200 members participated.

For 8 days, members of the Kyeryong branch operated a commemorative altar at the cemetery while carrying out various activities such as escorting visitors, holding a photo exhibition, providing security education at eye level with the public, and writing letters to the 6 fallen heroes (Mugunghwa Hill) in order to instill a spirit of patriotism and to console the souls of the war heroes.

In addition, the commemorative atmosphere was further heightened through a wide variety of interesting activities including a commemorative concert and an activity to appease the souls of the fallen heroes.
This event was sponsored by the Ministry of Patriots & Veterans' Affairs, the ROK Navy Headquarters, the Daejeon National Cemetery, the Comrade Association of the ROKS Chamsuri 357, the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle Fallen Heroes Commemoration Headquarters, the Kyeryong City Amour Musical Ensemble, and the Kyeryong City Dance Company.

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