D-100, Promotion of Ceramic Biennale 2013 Started

Korea Ceramic Foundation unveiled two kinds of posters and launched full-scale promotion of the event. 

Korea Ceramic Foundation (KCF), marking D-100 days of Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013 (GICB 2013), launched full-scale promotion of the event by unveiling the official posters.

GICB 2013 will be held for 51 days from September 28 to November 17, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and Organized by KCF, under the theme ”Community-with me, with you, with us.”

GICB of this year significantly differs from those of past years as the international competition is changed from an open event into an invitation-only event starting from this year. While  artists from all over the world were eligible for participation in the competition by personally submitting their artworks to the committee, from this year,  artists selected by GICB International Committee per continent are invited to submit their works and and then only those works selected by the jurors will be displayed in the exhibition after evaluating. 

Currently, a full list of artists nominated for the international nominee’s competition has already been completed and application  submission from artists for GIBC HOT Rookies Special Exhibition has been closed as well. Due to earlier preparation than past years, GICB of this year is expected to exhibit high-quality artworks. 

Commemorating D-100 of the event, KCF  unveiled the official posters. Designed by KCF Chairman Kang Woo-hyun, the two posters, wherein two main colors of black and white interact with each other, deliver a  well-selected image that the nominee’s competition has.

Official posters of Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013
The posters express oriental and Korean-style passion using intense brush strokes and implemented harmony of a wide range of artworks using two main colors. Emphasizing the beauty of free curves of mud, they convey powerful meanings of GICB 2013. Furthernore, by adding silver leaf effect to the typographic design in order to emphasize carefully selected artworks to be displayed in GICB 2013. 

KCF Chairman Kang Woo-hyun, who designed the posters, earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in visual and advertising design from Hongik University, and have designed posters of Cannes International Film Festival and 600th anniversary of Seoul Foundation, CI of National Theater of Korea, and characters of Seoul Arts Center and Seoul Land. He was honored with many prizes including Prime Minister’s Award at Korean Designer Awards, Minister of Culture Award, Grand Prix in the NOMA Concours in Japan, a gold medal at Biennale in Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) of Czech, Publishing Culture Award from Kodansha of Japan, and Environmental andCultural Art Award of Korea.   

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