Encouraging employees... Work with self-esteem

CEO Chung Joonyang requests efforts for new technology development after visiting the Pohang Steelworks Steel Plant 1 and STS Plant 4 

CEO Chung Joonyang visited Pohang Steelworks Steel Plant 1 and STS Plant 4 which was newly established on July 4th, and encouraged employees who are committed to developing new production technology unique to POSCO, despite the harsh heat. 

CEO Chung Joonyang, who first visited Steel Plant 1, heard explanations on the status of the new revolving furnace operation technology development status and stated, "The new revolving furnace operation technology is the next-generation technology POSCO is attempting, so please hold yourselves in high self-esteem in operation."

CEO Chung Joonyang visited Pohang Steelworks Steelmaking Plant 1, and Stainless Plant 4 at Pohang Steelworks, on July 4th, and encouraged employees. CEO Chung Joonyang is shown pressing the blowing start button at Steel Plant 1 and watching the 1 charge production process. Pohang Administrative Liaison Group Kim Mukyeong.
He then pressed the blowing start button, demonstrating, checking the 1st charge production process, and left a note saying, 'The start of the 21st century new steel production technology` in the visitors' book. 

CEO Chung Joonyang worked as a part leader of the Pohang steelmaking division (Yeonju Factory) after joining POSCO in 1975 as an engineer. 

The Pohang Steel Plant 1 has been one of the main factories of the integrated steelworks since starting operation 40 years ago, in June of 1973, and was shut down after Steel Plant 3 was completed in March 2011. 

Afterwards, POSCO converted one of the furnaces of Steel Plant 1, which produces steel for wire rods, and two furnaces into STS Plant 4 to produce 400 types of steel, while steadily streamlining both projects. 

The Pohang Steel Plant 1 restarted operation on February 3rd to produce steel for wire rods. 

STS Plant 4 entered hot run on July 8th, and if it achieves regular operation rates, molten iron production costs can be significantly reduced compared to when using electricity. POSCO is considering shutting down STS Plant 1 which uses electricity if STS Plant 4 enters normal operation.

Prior to this, CEO Chung Joonyang visited the POSCO History Hall and encouraged commentary with employees. He particularly toured the employee list engraved in honor of the 10 year anniversary, and asked that POSCO History Hall make efforts to raise morale and self-esteem of former and current employees. 

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