Enjoy marine sports all year at Songjeong

Korea’s largest marine leisure sports facility, the Haeundae Songjeong Marina, will open at Songjeong Beach on July 25.  The four-story, 2800-m² Haeundae Songjeong Marina includes a B1 floor and a rooftop lounge.

The facility offers resort lodging, a multipurpose hall, restaurants, convenience stores, and marine leisure shops, as well as equipment for marine sports and a scuba diving pool.  Additional facilities also include an indoor pool, a clubhouse, an equipment storage room, shower rooms, locker rooms and more. 

The above pictures show an aerial view of Haeundae Songjeong Marina.
Haeundae Songjeong Marina is operated as a members-only club, but the public can use the facilities year round by making advance reservations. Experience programs include dinghy yachting, skin scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, sea rafting, snorkeling and banana boating. The fees vary from 15,000-70,000 won.  

Visitors can also use banana boats and jet skis, and there are training programs for yachting, skin scuba diving, wind surfing and kayaking. All equipment can be rented.  There are also customized programs for families, couples, foreign tourists and corporate trainees. Visit their website at www.beachsports.kr. 

The opening of the marina is expected to promote and enhance marine sports, helping Haeundae-gu District become a mecca for these sports.

Haeundae-gu District has established marine leisure sports facilities at Songjeong, Suyeong Riverside, and Dongbaekseom Island since the district was designated as a Haeundae Convention Image Marine Leisure Special Zone by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2005.  Songjeong Marina, located at Juk-do Island, will open in September 2013, and its programs will include water motorcycling, banana boating, and windsurfing. 

Eight manually operated paddle boats and shuttle bikes will be available at Suyeong Riverside Marina from September as well. 

When Dongbaekseom Island marina opens in the first half of 2014, visitors will be able to enjoy yachting, power boating, and marine motorbiking. 

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