J-POP Goddess Amuro Namie Releases 10th Full-length Album, ‘FEEL’ in Korea on 24th!

The goddess of J-Pop, Amuro Namie, will begin sales of her 10th full length-album ‘FEEL’ in a CD+DVD version in Korea on the 24th.

This album, which was released in Japan on the 10th, recorded sales of 248,000 albums in its first week, which is the highest amount of sales for a solo artist in 2013. The album also took first place in the Oricon Weekly Album Chart, demonstrating the high popularity for J-POP’s top diva.

This album contains tracks such as ‘Contrail’, the theme song for the Japanese TBS drama ‘Public Affairs office in the Sky’, ‘Can You Feel This Love’ that was used as the annual theme song of the popular morning news program ‘Mezamashi TV’ of Fuji TV, and ‘Big Boys Cry’ that was used as the song for the KOSE ‘ESPRIQUE’ commercial for the cosmetic brand for which Amuro Namie models for.

In addition, DJ Zedd who became famous for remixing the songs of global artists such as Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, and other famous foreign creators participated in the album for a total of twelve tracks of diverse genres. Thus, it is expected to be received eagerly by Korean J-Pop fans and music fans alike.

The DVD also contains six music videos including that for ‘Alive’, ‘Big Boys Cry’ and ‘Hands On Me’, and is thus more than enough to experience the colorful charms of Amuro Namie’s music.

Meanwhile, Amuro Namie is scheduled to embark on her ‘namie amuro FEEL tour 2013’ in 24 cities of Japan starting at Kanagawa on August 16.

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