ROK Foreign Ministry’s Commentary on the Japanese Prime Minister’s Remarks on the Definition of Invasion

1. With regard to the remarks made by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinjo Abe on July 3 that the definition of what constitutes an invasion has to be established by historians, and not by politicians, the Government of the Republic of Korea expresses a deep disappointment and regret over an irresponsible view of history of a top Cabinet and political leader of Japan. 

2. The Japanese government had clearly acknowledged its past invasions, saying that it had brought enormous damage and pain to peoples of many, especially Asian, countries through its colonial rule and invasions. In this light, the aforementioned remarks by Prime Minister Abe do not conform to the previously expressed position of the Japanese governments and cannot but be interpreted as an attempt to deliberately turn a blind eye to responsibilities for its “invasions.”

3. The Government of the Republic of Korea once again and strongly urges political leaders of Japan to squarely face its history and make their best efforts to build trust with their neighboring countries based on a correct view of history.

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