Saemaeul (New Community) spirit planted in Africa

Ethiopia Saemaeul Volunteer Corps launched 

The 2013 Ethiopia Saemaeul Volunteer Corps, supported by POSCO and led by the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office and KOICA, held a launching ceremony on July 17th at Hotel Geumosan in the city of Gumi of Gyeongbuk Province. 

POSCO started the Saemaeul Movement model community project in 3 regions of the Ethiopia Oromiya region in 2011. 

To increase project completeness and offer global volunteer opportunities to employee families, 16 members, including retired employees and employee sons and daughters, were selected admitted into the Saemaeul Volunteer Corp to be dispatched to Ethiopia. The volunteer corps, throughout a period of one year and two months, based on the success experience of Korea`s Saemaeul Movement, established a Saemaeul Hall and improved living environments by repairing restrooms and barns. 

AlsoFurther, agriculture their agricultural infrastructure was expanded to provide income bases for residents and to helping their self-supportsufficiency, and operated village funds and education facilities to strengthen local resident capabilities. 

The 2013 Saemaeul Volunteer Corps, which consists consisting of 14 members including 9 POSCO Family sons and daughters, held the launching ceremony and will depart for Ethiopia on July 18th and carry out global volunteer activities and establish new communities until August of next year. 4~5 member groups are sent to different towns to foster Saemaeul organizations and carry out consciousness education, improve living environments, and create a community income base. 

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