Unmanned U-Tourist Information Center opened at Gwangalli Beach

Busan City opened an unmanned Tourist Information Center at Gwangalli Beach on June 28 for the first time in Korea.

Busan City has been promoting the U-Tourism project since 2006 as a U-City project leading city.  The U-Tourist Information Center was established with advanced information technology from a Busan-based company.

The Center is located at the former Suyeong Tourist Information Center in the Suyeong-gu Cultural Center (219 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan).
Unmanned U-Tourist Information Center opened at Gwangalli Beach

The U-tourist Information Center consists of:

U-Tourist Information
-Busan tourist information, including attractions, festivals, accommodations and restaurants
 -Phone service to tourist guides

U-Photo Zone
 -Take a photo with a background of Busan tourist attractions

U-Observa tory
 -Aerial photograph of Busan tourist attractions and exploring the constellations

 -Busan City promotional video

A touch-based interactive technology is used.

All information in the center is provided free in four languages ? Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. The center also provides visitors a place to rest, with free Wi-Fi, tourist guide books and seats.

Busan City has installed 42 digital information displays at 29 major tourist information centers. The city plans to expand U-tourist information centers city-wide and to continuously update tourism information to build the best tourist city in Korea.  

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