YG’s youngest KANG SEUNG-YOON reveals a surprise thank-you video

KANG SEUNG-YOON, YG’s newbie singer who created a #1 wave on music charts with his new song ‘IT RAINS’, revealed a surprise thank-you video clip to his fans.

YG Entertainment posted the video on its official blog (www.yg-life.com) on July 18. KANG SEUNG-YOON introduces himself as the “cute youngest of YG” and draws the watchers in by singing the latter part of ‘IT RAINS’ live.

He said, “The song was released unexpectedly so I did not have high hopes. But fans really loved it and I am absolutely overwhelmed. Fans saw me during my years of training, and I am so grateful that they have waited this long for my song. I love you all!”

He added, “My boss (the CEO of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN-SUK) has been there for me all the time for the last 3 years, giving me words of encouragement and advice. I will become a singer who can reflect all the hard work and attention he has given me.”

On July 17, DARA and BOM went through a lot to reveal a promotional image of ‘IT RAINS’ on DOUBLE PARK TV. KANG SEUNG-YOON, apart from thanking them, also extended his gratitude to YOON JONG-SHIN and LEE JONG-SUK who cheered him on.

KANG SEUNG-YOON was first discovered on a television talent show program Superstar K season 2 just 3 years ago. But since then his singing style has been diversified and his sentiments have more layers now. The sentimental song ‘IT RAINS’ expresses the deep pain of loss through the lyrics “It’s raining in my heart/ it’s raining coldly.” The song is a heart-winner for the rainy season, too.

At the end of July he will be back with another song of hard rock, ‘WILD AND YOUNG’, while he is scheduled to release a mini album in early September. One by one, he is going to show the fans what he’s got.

He will also appear on a survival audition program called ‘WIN’, which is a program that will determine the formation of YG’s first boy group in 7 years since BIGBANG.

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