‘Songgane Beoseot Kalkuksu’ in Ilsan That Is Popular for Tender Shabu-shabu

There is the food town called as Pung-dong Anigol near Baekma Station in Ilsan-gu (Goyang City) 
This food town full of the volition to recover its fame is ambitiously run by the private and the government. 
In Pung-dong Anigol, with the new street as the center, which is divided into the upper and the lower side, there are many cafes and restaurants in every part. 

‘Songgane Beoseot Kalguksu’ is located in Pung-dong Anigol between Pungsan Station and Baekma Station on Gyeongui Line. 
I do not remember when, but Kalguksu(Knife-cut Noodles) restaurants serving mushrooms to be boiled like Shabu-shabu have become popular. 
The restaurant that would be introduced today serves Kalkuksu, especially traditional Beoseot Shabu-shabu Kalguksu (Mushroom Shabu-shabu Knife-cut Noodles). 

It is not easy to get there by the bus or the subway, but I would like to introduce the restaurant because of its fame. 
Now ‘Songgane Beoseot Kalkuksu’ has been located on the site that was the parking lot of Hansomang Church moving to Paju Unjeong. It is popular for generous serving and the simple taste of the dishes. 

The main dish of this restaurant is, of course, Beoseot Shabu-shabu Kalguksu.
The price for two portions of Kalkuksu and Shabu-shabu meat is twenty thousand won. It is good enough for lunch or eating out with family.

As soon as we ordered the menu, Kimchi and Salted Cucumbers were served. 
This restaurant is also well-known for Mandu Jeongol (Dumpling Hot Pot), including hand-made dumplings.
Because it may have been located for 10 years on this spot, the interior design looks simple and friendly. 
However, when you start trying Shabu-shabu meat, you will realize the restaurant has something out of the common.

Enoki mushrooms, potatoes, water parsley, and other vegetables are served with chili powder sauce in Hot Pot. 
Pour meat broth and eat only the vegetable first as the meat broth begins to boil. Then, cook Shabu-shabu over a low heat and eat it. 
The meat combined with water parsley can be dipped into soy sauce with water parsley, of course.

The recipe is generalized, so everyone can create a suitable atmosphere of cooking it on the spot. 
Also, another tip of eating the food is that you can eat the vegetables, the beef, and the noodles regardless of the order. 
Usually, Kalguksu is boiled by using the meat broth left after eating only vegetables and Shabu-shabu; you can eat beef first, boil Kalguksu, and then eat vegetables in it. To that extent, every ingredient is savory.

After eating beef, vegetables, and kalguksu, people, including a male adult, would be stuffed with the large amount.
However, the meat broth with all of the boiled ingredients is also one of the delicious ingredients. 
At this moment, the rice mixed with some amount of the broth is also the best as if it demonstrates ‘the power of rice’, one of the ideas Koreans have. 

Again, people are craving for the unidentifiable rice that is neither fried rice nor porridge.
It can be roasted by a low heat or be the porridge by pouring more broth; there are many numbers of cases. 

The plates of this restaurant have served customers over for 10 years. The other ends of the plates are burnt or cracked. 
Rather, this thing shows the dignity of the restaurant and gives delicate flavor to the customers. 
In addition, if you say that you visit there after reading ‘Craving Korea’, you can be given more services. I am grateful for the owner’s sprit of business. 

The restaurant that opens from 11 AM to 10 PM separately has a big dining room and a medium-large size dining room; a group of customers can eat a meal there. 
The cracks on the extra plates boosting a long history show the deep taste of food in this restaurant. 
There was the female owner at the counter who was sensible and asked ‘Do you need something more?’ by the time we almost finished eating. 

There are temporary menus for summer, Seoritae Kongguksu (Cold Bean-soup Noodles Made with Black Beans) and Chic Naeng Myun (Cold Noodles with Arrowroot). They can be temporarily ordered. 
Beoseot Shabu-shabu Kalguksu vitalizes our body as we eat the food in the cool restaurant by avoiding the heat wave.
I think it was the best choice because the food was delicious as well as simple compared to other invigorating food. 

Address : (Gyungui St. 373) 862 Madu-dong Ilsandong-gu, Goyang City, Gyunggi (Songgane Beoseot Kalkuksu)

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