Won Halmoni Someori Gukbab in Front of Suwon Station

In a traditional market, there is lots of food. 
In the center of a city, a traditional market is always located. 
If you visit Seoul, you can see some markets in Jongno as well as some traditional markets in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun. 

Except some special cases, the food court is located in the center of a traditional market. 
Especially, in any markets, you can see Gukbab that is a kind of traditional food. 
There are many kinds of tradional food in the market of Suwon Station. 

Among many restaurants, I found the restaurant specialized for Pyeonyuk(slices of boiled meat). 
Pyeonyuk is the food used for various family occasions. 
Pyeonyuk is the food made by boiling and solidifying all the parts of pork / beef, and enough amounts of pork / beef could be gotten at a wedding or a funeral. 
Anyway, Pyeonyuk was not common food in people’s daily life. 
I remember I ate Pyeonyuk when there was a banquet or a big event. 

It was lucky to find Pyeonyuk in the market in front of Suwon Station. 
When I saw Pyeonyuk in the menu hanging on Someori Gukbab(Ox Head Soup with Rice) restaurant named as ‘Won Halmoni’, it reminded me of my past days and headed for the restaurant without hesitation.  '
The chewy texture of the lean meat made me feel rich in my mouth. 

One dish of Pyeonyuk is 8,000 won and Pyeonyuk accompanied by Someori Gukbab was the best choice. 
Eating Pyeonyuk with salted shrimps would help your digestion. 
The fat cut thin in Someori Gukbab made me feel its tenderness. 

It would be better for you to add salt to Someori Gukbab. 
When I opened the container of salt, I found rock salt in there. 
I tasted the deep taste of the food when adding the  sea salt to it rather than just adding table salt. 
To taste it, it would be better for you to put 1/3 teaspoon of salt. 

The owner takes great pride in the ingredients. 
Jokbal served in this restaurant is Korean-made pork foot. 
It means the owner feels confident of the quality compared to some restaurants which serve imported pork foot. 

The owner said Kimchi, Kkakdugi(Cubed Radish Kimchi), Young Radish Kimchi are made by herself. 
For that reason, the Kimchi is so tasty. 
Kkakdugi and Young Radish Kimchi harmonized with Someori Gukbab. 

When we eat Gukbab, we usually put rice into the soup. However, you can taste unusual flavor of Gukbab unless adding rice to it. 
The fat in Someori Gukbab was so tender as if it melted in my mouth. 
Also, the meat cut thin was plain. 

After adding rock salt to it, you can add some more chili powder if you want the spicy flavor. .
However, you can savor the rich flavor of the meat broth when you do not add chili powder to your Someori Gukbab. 
When we ate Pyeonyuk, one middle-aged man and two old ladies came into the restaurant. 

As soon as they saw Pyeonyuk, they ordered the food. 
The owner explained that Pyeonyuk is not made by herself, unlike Jokbal. 
Pyeonyuk can easily turn sour, so the owner orders the amount to sell per day and sell it..
I thought the customers would not know the fact, if the owner told a lie that she made Pyeonyuk by herself. I was strongly inclined to believe the restaurant’s food by the owner’s action. 

How to Get There:
Take exit 1 of Suwon Station on Seoul Subway Line 1. 
Go down stairs and cross the pedestrian overpass on the right.  
After that, get into the first alley on the right.  
When you encounter the three-way intersection in the market, you can turn left and reach a dead end.  
At the dead end, turn right. 
And then, go about 10 meters more. You can find the sign of Won Halmoni on the left.  

Location : (Maesan-ro 20 Beon-gil 16-7) 57-6 Maesan-ro 1 Ga Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Tel. : 82-31-245-6858

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