Music unites Korea, Indonesia

With this year marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Indonesia, music is being used as a tool to unite the two nations. 

On November 24, the “Woorinen Hana- Kita Bersatu!” concert took place at the Ansan Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Gyeoggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). 

As the “Woorinen Hana” and the “Kita Bersatu” in the title suggests, each of which means, “We are one,” in Korean and Indonesian, respectively, the event was special enough to bring together as one the two different nations. 

The concert featured popular Korean singers, including Eru, Wheesung, Ailee, Koyote and Ta Jin-a, and Indonesian singers Ridho Rhoma and Amir as well. 

The concert was co-hosted by Eru Entertainment, a Korean agency, and the Indonesian national broadcaster Trans TV and was sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul and Ansan City Hall. 

The concert invited Indonesians residing in Korea, in particular those who came from their home country for economic reasons. 

There was a tear-jerking moment in the middle of the concert. Five Indonesian workers, all specially selected by the Indonesian Embassy, were reunited with their parents and family members who they had not seen for a long time. 

“I thought that now was the time to give back to my Indonesian fans who have given me so much love and support,” said Korean singer Eru who co-hosted the event. “I hope this will give at least a small but heartwarming present to all of them who have long been here in Korea, far away from their families back home.”

Indonesian Ambassador to Korea John Aristianto Prasetio was also present at the concert. The ambassador thanked the Korean singer for helping to make such a wonderful concert happen and delivered to him an award given by the Indonesian government as a token of gratitude. 

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