Seoul holds int’l conference on paperless government

The Korean government held the u-Paperless International Conference 2013 at COEX in southern Seoul on November 22 in a step toward helping all governments around the world become paperless. 

Some 500 experts, both domestic and international, from government, academia and business, attended the conference. Among them were such leading figures such as Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Vice President Joerg Posselt of Francotyp-Postalia, a German mail sorting machine and software company, Vice Chairman Robert Blatt of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and representatives from the National Archives of Mongolia. 

At the meeting, participants held an open discussion on how to spread the use of electronic data-based systems, with the goal of achieving “Government 3.0” and giving a spurt to the creative industries. 

They introduced their countries’ various systems and discussed international trends and new technologies emerging in the field of electronic data management.

In particular, the representatives from the UPU, the ISO and Francotyp-Postalia each gave a special lecture on electronic data and mail management systems and the technical trends found in each region of the world. 

Being held alongside this conference, there was a special exhibition on the latest trends in document management, storage and keeping digital records. 

The Record Information Management Exhibition, Korea (RIM KOREA) 2013 offered visitors the chance to see digital content as a whole. It allowed them to step back for a moment and to see the whole picture of e-data management, security, solutions and applications. Each aspect needs to be fully in place in order to realize a “future e-based government,” organizers said. 

According to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), which hosted the event, the u-Paperless International Conference 2013 has proved that many countries are now moving toward electronic government services. 

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