University Students Campaign for Traffic Safety

KOTRA, ECCK, and TS participate in joint CSR activity by launching a campaign to buckle up in buses

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA, President: Young Ho Oh), the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ECCK, President: Thilo Halter) and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS, President: Il-Young Chung) held a traffic safety campaign with Grow Together, a group of university student volunteers, on Nov. 14 at four bus terminals in Seoul. 

The campaign was participated by KOTRA, ECCK, and 50 Grow Together members. The volunteer activity was particularly well-prepared as TS provided training and promotional materials for the campaign. 

The buckle up campaign was held at four bus terminals (Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Central City Bus Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal, and Dong Seoul Bus Terminal) in Seoul to encourage all passengers to wear set belts in buses. University students of the Grow Together group held up banners and picket signs bearing creative slogans that they came up with. Because promotional giveaways such as wet tissues and 'stay alert' chewing gums that TS provided have been distributed to citizens, the campaign gained good response. 

Grow Together member and Kyung Hee University student Kim Ieun said that "At first I was embarrassed to hold up pickets amid a big crowd, but I was soon encouraged as the people responded well and showed interest. The volunteer campaign was an opportunity to work with foreign-invested companies and understand the contributions they make to the Korean society." 

Kiwon Han, Commissioner of KOTRA's Invest KOREA, said that "KOTRA and ECCK will adopt some of Grow Together's volunteer activity suggestions to pursue sustainable CSR activities." and added that "Grow Together members and foreign invested companies will work together to further expand CSR activities. We hope that this will help organizations, businesses, students, and the local community to grow together."

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