Suggests Gangwon Province's Northern Policy to President Putin

Governor of Gangwon Province, Choi Moon-soon has a plan to attend the welcoming luncheon party for Russian President Putin which will visit Korea on Nov. 13 to offer the province's 4 northen policies. 
As a representative of local governments, governor Choi will participate in the luncheon for President Putin, who is to arrive at Korea at dawn on the day. Governor Choi will explain to the Russian president about the province's northen policies which are able to cooperate and seek co-prosperity with the Far- Eastern policy of President Putin and ask for his cooperation about those policies.

1. Russia's PNG project   

- In September 2009, Korea Gas Corporation had an agreement for PNG, or Pipeline Natural Gas with Gazprom, Russia. However, after that, despite a close cooperation between the presidents between Korea and Russia, the PNG project has been a standstill.  In this regards,    
- Governor Choi will explain to the Russian President about the large-scale LNG production base, located at Samcheok in Gangwon Province, which was built in the nearest distance from Russia and ask the president for a linkage to the PNG project of Russia.    

2. Expansion of traffic networks in the Northeast Asian era   
- Creation of the Far East Development Department and the “2025 Social and Economic  Development Strategy for the Far East and Baikal Regions 2025.“  
- Governor Choi will stress an importance of the link of railroad between Korea and Russia, a required task for the tangible performance of the Far East Development Plan in connection with President Putin’s Far East Development Strategy including the Phase 3 strategy.    
- He will explains the promotion of the railroad project for linking Korea‘s railroad to the Trans-Siberian Railroad and asks the Russian President to cooperate with Korea for its early promotion. 

3. Pioneering of North Pole Route   
 - Governor Choi will emphasize that in preparation for the 21st marine revolution age when a sea route will be opened as a result of the melting ices of the Arctic before and after 2020, already, Hyundai Mobis had successfully transported naphtha by using the Russian vessel, Stena Polaris” on Oct. 23, 2020.    
 - He will request cooperation for a trade route which enables the ports in the eastern coast of Korea to connect to the cruise port for tourists (Sokcho Port), cargo and bulk port (Donghae Port) and energy-only port(Samcheok Port).  

4. Activation of the sea route between Sokcho –Zarubino   
- With regard to a narrow reopening of the international sea route between  Sokcho-Zarubino-Vladivostok, which was suspended due to several issues such as complex customs clearance and overexcessive visa issuance costs, etc in two and half  a years on Mar. 19 after going through many difficulties, 
- Governor Choi will ask for cooperation about the simplification of a customs clearance procedure and visa waiver to make it possible to activate trade of both countries.  

An official of Gangwon Province Government told that “Taking an opportunity of President Putin’s visit to Korea, we hope that via the linkage to Russia’s Far East  Development Plan, Russia will review and realize Gangwon Province’s suggestions in a forward-looking way. Also, we wish that the East Coast of Gangwon Province as a center of the Pan East Rim and Governor Choi’s Northen Policy will take a step forward.“ 

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