Suwon City and the Korea Railroad Research Institute sign a business agreement

Great contributions to the successful development of Suwon’s trams

Suwon City held a business agreement ceremony in the auditorium of Suwon City Hall on 20th.  About 230 related officials participated in this event, including Yeom Tae-young, the mayor of Suwon, Hong Su-man, director of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Min Han-gi, vice chairperson of the Suwon City Council, and Lee Dae-yeong, chairperson of the Green Transportation Committee. 

The purpose of this agreement was to successfully develop the Urban Railway No.1, the country’s first tram system, introduced by the city as part of its urban transportation paradigm shift from car- and road-centered transportation → people- and railway-centered transportation.   

After the agreement ceremony, seminars were held for the officials of Suwon City. Choi Jin-yu, planning and strategy director of the Korea Railroad Research Institute, gave a lecture on the ‘introduction of future green transportation technologies’, and Gwak Jae-ho, research director for surface transportation systems, talked about the ‘development and growth directions of wireless low-floored trams’. The participants found the presentation of research director Gwak Jae-ho in charge of the wireless low-floored tram commercialization project as a national R&D task to be particularly helpful for understanding Suwon City’s tram introduction project.  

A related city official said, “With the conclusion of this business agreement and seminars as momentum, we plan to actively respond to the interest of Suwon citizens in people-centered transportation policies, which was heightened after the Eco-Mobility World Festival Suwon 2013 held in September. We plan to combine eco-friendly green transportation technologies developed by the Korea Railroad Research Institute with our on-the-spot administration.”    

Suwon City is carrying out plans to introduce trams as Urban Railway No. 1 along the 6km section running from Suwon Station-Hwaseong Haenggung-Janganmun-Suwon Ballpark-Jangan District Office by 2017. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance has been conducting a preliminary feasibility study since February 2013. 

Suwon plans biggest ever budgets of 2T KRW 

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