Dak Galbi Sarang Memil Guksi in Nami Island

The travel by Gyeongchun line makes our hearts flutter.
It is so attractive that the new generation makes the train named ‘Cheongchun Train’ and tries to make precious memories.
Then, how was the past?
When people suffered from the song festival for university students once a year, due to the result of local inequalities, Nami Island had become ‘Paradise Lost’.
Visit Nami Island! Why is it called a special place?

Nami Island located the center of Bukhan River got its name because it has the grave of General Nami.
General Nami swept the enemies since Joseon’s founding and drove on without a stop, but because of some words in his poem he finished his life in his youth.
We were looking for a good restaurant in such a place, and then we finally found a lot of Dak Galbi restaurants.
It might be due to the fame of Chuncheon Dak Galbi, and most restaurants present Dak Galbi as a menu.

How to get there:
(1) If you start from Yongsan Station, take the train toward Yongmun on Jungang line and get off at Sangbong Station.
(2) At Sangbong Station, take the train for Chuncheon.
(3) The timetable says the train comes at intervals of 20~30 minutes.
(4) Starting from Sangbong Station, 30 minutes later get off Gapyeong Station.
(5) Cross the street in front of Gapyeong Station and get on the bus going into dock of Nami Island.
(6) Get off dock of Nami Island, the last stop. The restaurant is on the left of the central parking lot.

One section is for grilling meat and the other is for the passage to the second floor. In addition, in the center, there is the passage to the backside. In a word, the restaurant has a special structure.
When we climbed stairs to go to the second floor, we found the pictures of Yong-joon Bae and Ji-woo Choi for their fans from China.
It is because Nami Island is famous for the open set of TV drama, Winter Sonata.

Most restaurants in that place were Dak Galbi restaurant and it is near Chuncheon. Therefore, we ordered Dak Galbi(spicy stir-fried chicken ribs), of course.
In addition, we could not help ordering Makguksu(Buckwheat Noodles).
There are two kinds of Dak Galbi: Sutbul Dak Galbi(roasted spicy stir-fried chicken ribs) and Chuncheon Dak Galbi(spicy stir-fried chicken ribs made in Chuncheon). Sutbul Dak Galbi is faithfully based on the basic ingredients, and Chuncheon Dak Galbi is made by adding vegetables and squash.

We ordered Sutbul Dak Galbi and Dak Galbi Makguksu.
Sutbul Dak Galbi was literally simple.
First, Dak Galbi grilled with charcoal, onions, and some pieces of rice cake were served as ingredients.
Raw garlic is too spicy to eat, so we grilled it on the grilling charcoal.
It was already grilled once before, just heat it. That’s all.
Wrapped in perilla leaves, you can eat Dak Galbi with onions.
If desired, you can eat it with garlic and Ssamjang. Its scent would be left because it was first roasted by charcoal.

There were fresh small pieces of seasoned chili peppers between Napa Cabbage Kimchi and bean sprouts.
The dish might be eaten as a relish rather than making us full. A portion is enough for one person, and a plate of fried rice (\3,000) is enough for two people.
Additionally, there was some Dak Galbi Makguksu left and it was enough for our lunch.

After finishing meat, fried rice can be spread on the hot grill, roasted, and eaten.
The fried rice cooked with pressure was not bad, except its salty taste.
When we almost finished fried rice, Makguksu was served.
With a half of steamed egg, there were some pieces of Dak Galbi in Bibim Makguksu.

Unless eating Sutbul Dak Galbi, you can try some pieces of Dak Galbi on Makguksu.
We were already full. Therefore, we did not need to eat anything even though we were eating not that fast.
Because it might be spicy, a bowl of meat broth including thin ice was also served with it.

Since the meat was roasted first, there was little smoke and few troubles when roasted; it was like being heated, as well.
Also, fried rice and Bibim Makguksu played a role in making us full and rinse out our mouths.
Two people had a meal with 27,000 won. Then, the meal was not expensive.
If you were served poorly and just lick your lips at an amusement park more than once, you could feel relived.

Address: (Bukhan Gangbyeon-ro 1044-11) 108-5 Daljeon-ri Gapyeong-eup Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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