Smooth Latte and Iced Coffee - Cheon-ge Cheon Corner Be

One by one raindrops started to fall. Normally the weather being hot and humid this change brought a short timed joy. Looking for shelter from the unexpected rain, a particular cafe caught my eye. It went by the name of Corner Be. 

The cafe was placed right across of Cheon-ge Cheon and it was exact place that I was looking to keep myself from getting soaked from the rain. This cafe consisted of two stories and the scent of roasting coffee brought a smile to my face. 
The machines that this cafe in particular used was from the company "HAS GARANTi". 


The roasting took place in the first floor where all the machines were located. Since everything was done indoors the scent of roasted coffee beans lingered all through out the building. This allowed me to really enjoy every sip of my latte.
The cafe latte that came to my table tasted amazing. It could have just been the superb timing, atmosphere, and weather that made this latte taste fantastic, however I would also assume that the correct temperature and richness of the coffee created the masterpiece. 

The perfect timing to go back to the cafe Corner Be would be during the dead of winter. The coffee would warm my body and heart.

Location : Seoul Jongro-gu Kwanchul-dong 11-11(Cheong gye cheon ro 75-1)

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