Dr.cooler - Portable Refrigeration Face Massage Cooler

(HB4-101) Dr.cooler - Portable Refrigeration Face Massage Cooler

Do you still leave the spoon in the freezer to be frozen? It is daily necessaries to the smart !

"Refrigeration Massage Cooler, Cool yourself with Dr. COOLER! "

This device calms swollen, irritated skin after peeling or after laser dermatology procedures or plastic surgery. It helps tighten pores and increase skin elasticity.

-Semi-Permanent, Infinitely Re-usable
-Eco-friendly. No freon gas, no battery waste.
-No battery or adapter, no maintenance cost.
-Water available
-Lasts for about 100 minutes
-Over 15℃ temperature gap with skin

How to use
1. Freeze Cartridge over 2 hours.
2. Don't keep the body of Dr. Cooler in the freezer.
3. Insert the cartridge into the body.
4. Screw the head by turning to the right.
5. Dr. COOLER is completed.
6. Massage your face, eyes, legs or other affected areas.

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