Genesis, Sorento, and Carnival selected as this year's most safe cars in that order by KNCAP.

Whopping gaps shown between car models in pedestrian and driving safety -
Spark EV of GM Korea received grade one for its safety in the light-weight vehicle category -

Every year the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea awards safe cars of the year through its Korea New Car Assessment Program. This year's winners were the Genesis of Hyundai Motors (96.6 points), which was followed by Sorento of Kia (92.1 points) in the second place and Carnival (91.0) in the third place.

The total number of cars entered into for the 2014 KNCAP was 13, among which Korean domestic cars were seven.

The evaluation categories are four: collision, pedestrian, driving, and safety in accident prevention. The final score reflects the result of all the individual category scores put together. This year it was shown that there were ten models in the grade one level, one model in grade two, one model in grade three, and one model in grade five.

Grade one (ten models): Spark EV, Cruise of GM Korea, Sonata and Genesis of Hyundai Motors, Sorento and Carnival of Kia Motors, Golf of Volkswagen, Audi A6, Lexus ES350, Benz E300.
-Grade two (one model): Soul of Kia Motors
-Grade three (one model): Explorer of Ford
-Grade five (one model): QM3 of Renault Samsung

A notable result in this year's KNCAP was that Spark EV of GM Korea, a light-weight vehicle, was awarded a grade one level in all assessment categories, including in collision safety.

An official related to MOLIT commended that it is hoped that this year's KNCAP results will contribute greatly to the enhancement of car safety of the public, not to mention further developing the automotive industry in Korea.

The official also went on by saying that MOLIT will continue to take into account consumer demands to the KNCAP categories conducted by the government henceforward.

Director General Sokchang Kwon of MOLIT, currently in charge of overseeing technical advancement of motor vehicle policies, stated that he will look into plausible ways to strengthen the evaluation standards of the KNCAP so as to promote manufacturing of safer vehicles while also sharpening the capacity of distinction among cars through the program.

KNCAP awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at Coex, Seoul. A government-organized seminar whose theme will be how to improve the current KNCAP further will also take place in conjunction with the ceremony, attended by all relevant stakeholders, such as government, manufacturers, research institutes, and academia.

Detailed information on the 2014 KNCAP can be found at the website of the car defects reporting portal (www.car.go.kr/kncap), and through smart phones (m.car.go.kr/kncap).

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