Ice cream exports increase rapidly

Ice cream exports nearly doubled between 2009 to 2013, helping to overcome the heat all around the world. 

Total ice exports climbed 117 percent, from USD 17.32 million in 2009 to USD 37.47 million in 2013, announced the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on December 22. In particular, ice cream exports to China more than doubled, from USD 2.75 million to USD 6.67 million over the same period. Countries that import the most Korean ice cream are the U.S., China, Canada, Vietnam and Japan, in that order. 

Brazilians hold up some Binggrae Melona bars. 

The delivery of ice cream to the U.S. increased 25 percent, from 2,067 tons in 2009 to 2,583 tons in 2013. In monetary value, it increased from USD 5.57 million to USD 7.98 million, a rise of 43 percent. Exports to China also grew from 531 tons in 2009 to 1,757 tons in 2013, rising nearly 230 percent. 

Tropical nations like Vietnam and the Philippines also seem to have a craze for Korean ice cream. Exports to Vietnam rose 178 percent, from 322 tons in 2009 to 894 tons in 2013. Shipments to the Philippines also increased 376 percent, from 172 tons to 818 tons over the same period. 

"In Asian nations including China, Vietnam and the Philippines, the Korean wave, hallyu, seems to be factor," said an agricultural ministry official, explaing the popularity of Korean ice cream. 

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