Korail pushes railway cooperation

The Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), the national railroad operator of Korea, has been accelerating its cooperation with rail operators in many countries around the world, including Russia, Sri Lanka and across ASEAN.

Korail recently hosted a week-long training program for Russian Railways (RZD), starting on December 9. Representatives of RZD were given the chance to share Korea`s strategies and know-how in the areas of high-speed railway infrastructure and security systems, subway systems powered with electricity and the management of finances and organization. The training program consisted of lectures and a field trip.

Arranged at the request of RZD, the program was offered four times this year with around 60 staff in total in attendance.

The lectures ranged widely on a number of topics, including railroads for high-speed trains, financing, electricity and control facilities. Promising staff participated in the program, laying a foundation for cooperation on railway service.

Korail CEO Choi Yeon-hye said, "I hope that Korea and Russia can develop a strategic partnership in the area of railway service, bringing forward the president`s `Eurasia Initiative,` and covering the peninsula`s transportation, energy and logistics systems."

Korail has also carried out a number of projects with other nations. In October, it provided a training program for seven member states of the International Union of Railways (UIC): Russia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia and Mongolia. The topic was railway policies, management systems and train IT.

Previously in May, as part of the fifth Korea-ASEAN high-level meeting on transportation, railway operators from eight ASEAN countries visited Korea to share the nation`s railway management skills and to talk about train security.

Finally in July, ten railway engineers from Sri Lanka paid a visit to Seoul to share Korail`s know-how about technologies and management of diesel-electric locomotives.

Staff from RZD study Korail`s maintenance systems for high-speed train lines. 

Railway engineers from Sri Lanka take part in a training session on railway management in July.

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