Mina Hwang Received the Grand Prize at the ‘Senior Film Festival of Seoul’

The Grand Prize winner at the ‘7th Senior Film Festival of Seoul’, Student Mina Hwang.

-Student Mina Hwang’s film titled ‘Accompany’ received the grand prize in the Young Adult Section

-The judge said, “The work respects elders and at the same time it understands the next generation.”

On September 27, student Mina Hwang received the grand prize at the ‘7th Senior Film Festival of Seoul’ which was hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan City and the Seoul Senior Welfare Center.

The review of Mina Hwang said, "This film allowed the viewers to feel a warm and open point of view towards an ordinary family who serves their aging parents at the senior care center. The conversation between the son and granddaughter seemed a tense confrontation, but the thoughtful conclusion made it possible to respect seniors and to understand the next generation.”

Mina Hwang said, "It is my first time to make a documentary film. I was granted this prize so I am surprised. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Professor Daeju Hyung who guided me, to my friends, and to my loving family members. In particular, my sincere thanks go to Kangsuk Song, my grandfather and to my grandmother who were filmed in this documentary."

Professor Daeju Hyung who was the guiding professor said, "I am so glad that the judge and viewers also recognized Hwang's warmth. The work is very special. "

This was the 7th anniversary of the Senior Film Festival of Seoul. The festival aims to 'support seniors since directors influence the cultural’, 'look at seniors and their culture with new perspectives. The films also provide communication and exchange with directors of various generations.'

This achievement reaffirms the passion and competency of the students of the School of Communication Arts & Science. The film 'Accompany' will be televised on the Channel of the School of Communication Arts & Science, HGU, Naver TV Cast.

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