Salmon spawning ground is being found in the Taehwa River six (6) years in a row

- A total 1,827 homecoming salmon… the highest since the number was first recorded 

The City of Ulsan announced that according to an inspection on four natural spawning grounds under the Seonbawi Bridge conducted together with Yangyang Salmon Office of Korea Fisheries Resources Agency from November 27 to 28, little salmon were found in three spots. 

Specifically, they were detected under Seonbawi Bridge, Guyeong Bridge and Samho Bridge but Jeomchon Bridge. Spawn and hatched larvae were discovered. 

In particular, spawn and hatched larvae have been found six (6) years in a row since 2009, which means that the Taehwag River has great conditions for salmon’s natural spawning. 

Meanwhile, Ulsan City has installed and operated homecoming salmon fields under the former Samho Bridge from October 15 to November 30 (47 days). As a result, they found out that 1,827 salmon returned this year, 2% increase from prior year (1,788 salmon). 

The number is the highest since the number was first recorded in 2003. 

The municipal authority asked the citizens of Ulsan a great cooperation for the protection of spawning grounds to help little salmon hatched in the Taehwa River safely travel up to the North Pacific. 

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