'Sex Offender e-Notice Smartphone App' Awarded in Service Field

Selected in government service area at the 'Government 3.0 Excellent Cases Contest' - 

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Minister Kim Heejung) expressed that the 'Sex Offender e-Notice' Smartphone Application (App) service advanced to the final contest and received bronze award through final screening. At the final round of pan-governmental 'Government 3.0 Excellent Cases Contest' held on November 26, 2014, the evaluation group of 200 people including external experts and on-line press corps screened 12 cases from 12 organizations including MOGEF, which had passed the preliminary round of 268 cases recommended by the central government and local governments. 

Motivated by a train of sexual violence incidents that had aroused big social issue in 2012, the selected Government 3.0 excellent case of Sex Offender e-Notice Smartphone App service was promoted as a task to eradicate sexual violence by enhancing accessibility to 'Sex Offender e-Notice.' 

* Number of smartphone subscriber: 37 million at the end of 2013 
* Developed one full year in 2013, test operation in the first half of 2014, and service launching on July 22, 2014 

By downloading Sex Offender e-Notice App from Play Store or App Store, one can acknowledge the identities of sex offenders through map search or conditional search. Through the e-Notice App, one can check the identities of sex offenders living nearby. Especially, the app provides personal information of the offenders living within one kilometer of childcare facility, kindergarten, schools as well as other useful services of guide on prevention of sexual violence or support for the victim and service for returning home in safety. 

* Identity: name, picture, age, address and actual address of 
living, physical appearance, etc. 
The smartphone app has notice function with voice and message based on the preset times that informs the existence of a sex offender nearby. 

* Notice preset timing: 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, no-presetting 

For example, if one set 30 minutes during moving, one can receive notice voice and message saying "(~ number of) sexual offenders are living in (~location) town" and she or he can check the identity of the sexual offender. 
Thanks to the enhanced on-off line promotion on the service from the launching of the service, 2.3 million people have used the Sex Offender e-Notice App service for the 3 months from July to October showing high effect. For the three months, total 411 thousands download of the App were occurred having daily 4 thousands download in average with 28 thousands daily average number of access.

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