Suncheon Bay Garden – Suncheon Bay Entrance Ticket Price to be Raised

Price of the integrated Suncheon Bay and Suncheon Bay Garden admission ticket has recently risen to 8,000 won from the previous 5,000. The new price will be adopted from January 1st.

If tourists wish to visit one of the two representative tourism amenities at Suncheon Bay or Suncheon Bay Garden, they can pay for tickets to Suncheon Bay at 7,000 won or Suncheon Bay Garden at 4,000 won.

In addition, ticket prices on buses touring across Suncheon Bay will be raised to 3,000 won from the previous 2,000 won.

The city of Suncheon gave as the reason for the recent price raise in major tourist attractions at the Suncheon Bay the relatively low ticket price of the respective tourist facilities and the need for funds to effectively operate the Suncheon Bay and Suncheon Bay Garden.

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