Daegu City makes free mobile homepages for small companies

Daegu City has launched a project to make free mobile Internet homepages for small- and medium-sized enterprises as part of its efforts to provide help for the struggling business sector.

In a related move, Daegu signed a business cooperation agreement, on May 27, with Apple Adventure, a business association in Daegu, the cooperative of supermarkets in the middle and southern region of Daegu, and the local branch of the Korea Franchise Association.

In accordance with the agreement, they have promised to cooperate in providing actual help for local small- and medium-sized companies struggling with the economic slowdown so as to eventually boost their local economy.

First of all, Daegu City will provide administrative support and also take the lead in consultations and coordination for the companies participating in the free mobile home page project. 

Apple Adventure, a company specializing in online and offline marketing, promised to provide Internet domains and produce free optimized mobile homepages. In addition, it will provide diverse marketing support related to mobile homepages including portal registration and QR code creation, while offering LED promotion services for two companies every month.

The companies receiving the support will have to maintain the web hosting service for at least six months for a monthly fee of 9,900 won (including VAT) and pay a monthly fee of 22,000 won afterwards. 

The rest, including the local branch of the Korea Franchise Association, will provide promotional support and information on local companies involved in this project.

Daegu City and the companies promising to provide support expect this project to greatly help small- and medium-sized enterprises adjust better to the fast-changing mobile era. 

For more information about this project, contact the official Website of Apple Adventure (http://www.applead.co.kr) or call at 1544-5757.

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