Diverse info about Daegu available in ‘Dachaeum’

Daegu City plans to produce and distribute brochures to promote the city’s social networking service “Dachaeum” and English SNS “Touch Daegu” not just to its citizens but also to foreign students and multicultural families.

The city-run “Dachaeum” and “Touch Daegu” services provide up-to-date information on city affairs, cultural and other diverse events through blogs, Internet cafes, Twitter and Facebook. They are visited by a daily average of 44,000 people, emerging as major platforms where communication between the city and its citizens is actively occurring.

Promotional brochures will be produced and distributed in order to raise awareness about those SNS channels through which the city is providing updated information on city affairs, welfare programs, transportation and others. Such information is closely related to citizens’ day-to-day lives as is information about restaurants and festivals.

Daegu City plans to make 1,000 PR brochures and place them for distribution at major stadium information centers and other large-scale gathering places and universities so that more people can learn about the SNS channels and communicate online.

The promotional brochures will include such information as the meaning of “Dachaeum’ and ‘Touch Daegu,” how to log onto blogs, cafes, Twitter and Facebook, along with QR codes.

Daegu City will intensify its promotional efforts targeting foreign residents in order to create a boom ahead of major international events, including the World Energy Congress 2013 and the chicken-beer festival scheduled in July.

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