Evaluation and certification system for World Environment Hub

The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has started the development of an evaluation and certification system in order to be certified as the first World Environment Hub of the World Conservation Union, or IUCN. 

Prior to the launch of the system development, Jeju completed its organizational work on the Global Working and Project Working Groups, both of which are led by the IUCN. 

The development and then assessment of the certification system for World Environment Hub authentication is one of Jeju’s primary agendum from the 2012 World Conservation Congress. The system is set to become the main evaluation and certification process at the global level for certification. 

12 experts from 7 countries are participating in an organized working group setting the qualifications for certification. Members of the IUCN and the Ministry of Environment also participated in the operation of the Project Working Group. Additionally, in order to strengthen the solidarity of international organizations in the process of certification system development, experts from other relevant international organizations, including the UN Environment Program will participate in the future. 

Meanwhile, 'Working Group Meetings' will be held in Jeju in September of this year to discuss future development for the evaluation and certification methods.

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