Gochang has been appointed as biosphere reserve by UNESCO

Gochang Forshores and Woongok Wetlands, Mt.Seonwoon provincial parks, etc

The entire area of Jeonbuk Gochang-gun has been appointed as UNESCO biosphere reserve. The entire area of Gochang has been signified as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at “International conciliation commission of plan for the humans and biosphere (MAB)”, which is held in last May 28 by UNESCO. 

Biosphere Reserves are appointed by UNESCO in order to prevent the biosphere area from further pollutions, which has outstanding values to be preserved. The areas previously entitled as biosphere reserves in Korea are Mt. Seerak national park, Jeju island, Shinan Dadohae, Gwangneung forests. 

However, it is the first time where the entire administrative district has been appointed as biosphere reserve. Gochang forshore is the place where the biosphere is formed with forshore with muds and sands. There are many types of globally endangered species such as Kentish plover, oysterbird, and red-backed sandpipers, etc.

Woon-gok wetlands were appointed as Ramsar wetland in 2011. There are many endangered species such as otters, wildcats, Korean buzzards, and others. Mt.Seonwoon Provincial park and Donglim reservoir wild animal/plants prevention area are also considered as the repository of biosphere with endangered amphibians, birds and mammals. 

The province of Gochang can share the information and managerial technologies with other biosphere reserve areas and receive the various supports from UNESCO regarding the preservation of ecology and the supervision of the biosphere changes. Also, the recognition mark from UNESCO can be added to the regional specialty products from the province, which will result in economical effects to. 

Also, the dolmen site in Gochang was appointed as world heritage in 2000 and woon-gok wetlands and Gochang foreshores are registered as Ramsar wetlands in 2011.

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