Section for Suwon Studies Opens

Past, Present, and Future of Suwon can be seen in books 

The Suwon City Library announced it is going to open a section for Suwon studies starting May 28. 

The section for Suwon studies will provide relevant data from all of the libraries in Suwon, providing an overall look at Suwon’s culture, history and society history going back to the 1890s. 

The amount of the data available totals about 3,500 copies including Suwon Chronicle, Hwaseong songyouk eugye, article collections on Suwon during the end of the Joseon Dynasty and the Japanese Colonial Period and books on King Jeong-jo and loyalty and filial piety. The Suwon Studies data is significant because the data has been collected not only from libraries but also from individuals who have donated their invaluable data and enabled people to feel their love of Suwon.

The Suwon City Library is planning to launch cultural programs to promote Suwon Studies in a bid to intensively collect more data and attract more residents to use the library. It is looking forward to receiving more donations from individuals and groups. 

In addition, the library will publish books to help people easily find where materials on the Suwon Studies are located in Suwon and, in cooperation with the Suwon Research Institute, the library will contribute to making Suwon the center of humanities. 

The section for the Suwon Studies is open to the public. And for information on donation and use of the data, please contact the library team of the Suwon City 

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