Rendering our appreciation to the Korean War veterans for their noble sacrifice

MND hosted Veteran's Month events in June

Units at each echelon inspect their readiness posture and conduct events to win every combat
Increasing the public's security awareness and strengthening the resolve to decisively punish the enemy during provocations

In commemoration of the Veteran's month of June, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) is pursuing various events focused on three criteria which are rendering our appreciation to the war veterans, strengthening our resolve to decisively punish the enemy during provocations, and increasing the public's security awareness.

The MND plans to fully spread the atmosphere of appreciation and commemoration towards the Korean War veterans and publicize the military's efforts to serve as the last bastion of national security, through these events.

Accordingly, a total of 58 combat commemoration events are in progress since April in the perspective of 'rendering our appreciation to the war veterans'. Especially in June, the Chuncheon District battle victory event, which is one of the three complete victory events of the Korean War, will take place from 21 to 23 June, as well as the Korean Straits naval battle victory event on 26 June.

Also, the ROK military designated the period from 24 to 29 June as the Patriotism and Security Week in remembrance of the Korean War as a demonstration of the military's 'resolve to decisively punish any enemy provocation'. During this period, each unit will conduct various training activities such as occupation of positions, inspecting their readiness posture, carrying out focused security education for the service members, visiting historic battle sites, and inviting war veterans to give security education sessions, in order to strengthen the military's resolve to thoroughly punish the enemy.

In the perspective of 'increasing the public's security awareness', a variety of events involving the public are planned. Each unit will provide patriotism security education sessions for local students while donating 1,000 security related comic books to the local schools.

In addition, the ROK military published a flyer that explains the Korean War in an easy and interesting manner, and placed these fliers at major rail stations and inside rail cars, as well as in tourist information centers. 

Also, the military plans to hold an open contest to select a UCC (User Created Contents) that contains the best contents in increasing the public's security awareness, and carry out an on-line quiz event with prizes such as a laptop computer, dining certificate, and movie tickets.

Furthermore, Korean War footage and clips kept at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration will be shown on YouTube to introduce the ROK's modern history to not only the ROK public but to the whole world.

An MND official stated, "Through these Patriotism Month related events, we plan to instill a proper awareness of the Korean War to not only the military service members but also to the ROK public, and increase the sense of gratitude and repayment towards the noble sacrifices of the war veterans." 

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