13th Chunghae Unit's ROKS Wanggun conducts combined pass exercise with UAE

The 13th Chunghae Unit conducted various military exchange activities including a combined pass exercise with the UAE navy.

The 13th Chunghae Unit, which arrived at the Abu Dhabi port in the UAE on 28 May, strengthened the mutual exchange cooperation and established a strong friendship and fellowship between the two militaries through a visit with the UAE Naval Commander, mutual visits to the vessel of each navy by the seamen, and a friendly soccer match.

In particular, the ROKS Wanggun of the 13th Chunghae Unit conducted combined tactical maneuvers and visual signal training as part of a combined pass exercise with a UAE naval vessel, which provided an opportunity to strengthen the combined operational capabilities of each nation.

In addition, 2 navy officers of the UAE will have an opportunity to experience hands-on the ROK navy's high standard operations such as counter-piracy operations, vessel escort, and fishing ship safety support by sailing on board the ROKS Wanggun for three weeks.

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