17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Date: July 18 ~28, 2013
Venue: Bucheon City Hall, Citizen Hall
Contact: 032-327-6313
Website: http://www.pifan.com/eng/

Celebrating 17 years of Mystery and Imagination

Since starting 1997, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) had a vision to give representation to marginalized genres in film. Although all genres such as comedy, drama, and action will be represented, PiFan's objective is to highlight horror, psycho-thriller, sci-fi, and sexual themed films which are all marginalized in Asia. From its launch, Koreans have labeled these films at PiFan as "genre films." Although PiFan has received a lot of backlash from conservative Koreans, it not only persevered, but it has been crowned the biggest genre film festival in Asia. It doesn't stop there. PiFan is continually making improvements for the fan experience. This year, subway line 7 opened to make all the major PiFan sites a few minutes away from the exits. One of PiFan's goal was to make the festival a lot more enjoyable and mobile, and with this new line 7, we'll see a lot more "Happy Audiences." PiFan 2013 has its tweaks and improvements, but it holds to its principle of giving light to marginalized film genres. Welcome to PiFan 2013, where you'll find yourself in another World!

How to get there
Subway: Songnae Station of Seoul Subway Line 1, plus a bus service at the Songnae Bukbu Station Plaza 

Bus from Songnae Station 
- Bus 37: Songnae Station -> Hyundai Department Store -> Korea Manhwa Museum (Songnae Station <-> Korea Manhwa Museum)
- Bus 87: Songnae Station -> Jungang Park -> Hyundai Department Store -> Korea Manhwa Museum (Songnae Station <-> Korea Manhwa Museum)

Bus from Seoul
- Bus 905: Yeongdeungpo Station -> Sindorim Station -> Guro Station -> Yeokgok Nambu Station -> Boksagol Culture Center (Yeongdeungpo <-> Yain Sidae Entrance)
- Bus 1200: Bugae-gu Office -> Bugae Jugong Apartments -> Hapjeong Station -> Sinchon Station -> Ewha Womans University Station -> Seoul Station (Bupyeong-gu Office <-> Bugae Jugong Apartments)

Bus from Bugae Station
- Bus 79: Bugae Bukbu Station -> Bupyeongdong Middle School -> Bupyeong Design Science High school -> Hosu Park -> Korea Manhwa Museum

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