KRW Two Thousand Delicious Subway Tour

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization recommends ‘tranquil subway tour’ as June’s theme tour.

It’s time to take a trip in June as greens become rich. The photo is the valley of Wondobongsan Mountain.

It’s time to take a trip in June as greens become rich. It’s good to take a trip with your beloved family or friends, and it’s also nice to take a short trip alone for yourself. You can leave your car in the transfer parking lot nearby the station and get on the train with dressed in your plain clothes and with a light heart. 

You would be happy to share your feelings about the landscape with encountered people and sometimes to be absorbed in deep thought. Above all, it would be pleasant to escape from horrible traffic jam and parking stress. Today, why don’t you spend one precious day for freedom of your life? 

Napdeokgol Mural Village in Surisan Mountain. 

How to get to Mural Village of Napdeokgol : Daeyami Station 

Daeyami Station in Line 4 is an attractive subway travel spot. It’s close to the crowded downtown, only 20 minute distance, but when you get off the train, you can see a rural landscape immediately. Exiting to Exit 2, passing through the underpass, and taking the left street, you can encounter a tranquil path with fresh bean farm and chili pepper farm on each side. When you pass Dundae Elementary School along the street and turn right at Jukam-maeul Three-way Intersection, you arrive at Galchi Reservoir. The landscape of the reservoir embracing delicate appearance of Surisan Mountain would stop your steps. Walking the winding mountain path along the reservoir for about 30 minutes, you can finally arrive in Napdeokgol. 

Napdeokgol is also called ‘Napjakgol’ or ‘Napdagol’, which means a large valley in the mountain. Since it was designated as part of greenbelt zone, the town seems as if it still stays in 20 years ago. However, the town was slightly changed when colorful murals were painted on old walls and fences. As it became famous through word of mouth of the climbers, more people visit the town to take pictures and talk with the residents. Young visitors use the town bus, which used to be the means of a few seniors, and the parking lot at the entrance of the town is crowded. The small town of about 30 households became slightly noisy as such, but the residents are nothing but pleased about the changes. 

Distance: About 4km
Time: 1 hour (Town bus No.1-2. Departure at Daeyami Station every hour on the hour, Departure at Napdeokgol every hour at 30 minutes) 
Course: Daeyami Station ~ Galchi Reservoir ~ Napdeokgol
Location: Sokdal-dong, Gunpo City, Gyeonggi Province
Tourist spots linked: Surisan Mountain, Banweol Reservoir
Restaurant: Bongsun Gejang, Surisan Doldamjip

Front view of Comics Museum nearby Samsan Gymnasium in Line 7.

Do you like cartoon? : Samsan Gymnasium

Exit 5 of Line 7 Samsan Gymnasium Station is connected to Korea Comics Museum. At first, it’s good to watch Korean Comics History Hall on the 3rd floor, the cultural space to introduce major cartoons and cartoonists per period where visitors can experience a 100-year history of Korean cartoon. In particular, ‘Terrible Outsiders’ Baseball Team’ in the 1980s period section, the Renaissance period of Korean cartoons, is popular with father group. At the very moment when explaining the cartoon to their children even with gestures, fathers are greater than any docents of museums.

Comics Experience Exhibition Hall on the 4thfloorstimulateschildren’s curiosity with solid exhibits through which children can appreciate and experience cartoons by genre. Watching ‘Robot Chiba’ flying in the sky on the enormous comic book and experiencing the cartoon hero in the specific scene will remain as special memory. It is recommended to visit Comics Library after watching the exhibits. There are nearly 250,000 domestic and foreign comic books and documents in the library, which is updated twice a month on a regular basis. 

Distance: Connected to Exit 5 of Samsan Gymnasium Station
Course: Samsan Gymnasium Station ~ Korea Comics Museum
Location: Sang-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province
Tourist spots linked: Bucheon Hanok Experience Village Town, Bucheon Ecological Park

The view of sushi restaurant at Wolgot Port nearby Wolgot Station of Suin Line. 

Suin Line, reopened in 17 years : Wolgot Station

Suin Line has revived. As the narrow railway connecting Suwon and Incheon gradually declined due to the advancement of the new road environment, it finally disappeared in history with a lot of memories, joys and sorrows in 1995. Meanwhile, as industrial complexes and new towns were created and floating population was large, the need for broad subway network increased. Finally, the Songdo to Oido section was opened as double-track railway in last June after the construction work for a several years.

Wolgot Station has many attractions to see or eat as it faces the sea against the former-salt field. When you exit to the one and only exit, cross the station square and walk for 2 or 3 minutes, you will arrive at Wolgot Port. When you enter any restaurant among a queue of sushi restaurants or shellfish basking restaurants after enjoying a walk with the salty smell of the mud flat, you will be served with cheap yet plentiful dinner. You can enjoy goby fishing on the right road of the port and buy fresh seafood in the nearby fish market. 

Distance: About 1km(round-trip)
Course: Wolgot Station ~ Wolgot Port
Location: Wolgot-dong, Siheung City, Gyeonggi Province
Tourist spots linked: Gaetgol Eco Park

Jaunbong Peak surrounding Youngsanjeon Hall of Mangwolsa Temple just as folding screen looks like a picture.

Valley tracking following the woodsy fragrance : Mangwolsa Temple. 

Mangwolsam Temple is located in an excellent spot of Dobongsan Mountain having beautiful natural landscape. Dobongsan Mountain, where the whole mountain consists of the enormous rock, is part of Bukhansan National Park soaring up with Bukhansan Mountain in parallel with Wooiryeong as boundary. You can fully feel the charms of the mountain in the forest path reaching Mangwolsa Temple along Wondobong Valley. When you go out via Exit 3 at Mangwolsa Temple Station of National Railway Line 1, you can find Mountaineer Um Hong-gil Exhibition Hall. When you turn right at the exhibition hall and go up about 600m, you can see Mangweolcheongyo Bridge, and you should climb up along the restaurants line after crossing the bridge. Or, you can instead climb up to the right without crossing the bridge since the two paths meet in front of Ssangyong Mountain Cabin. When you go left at Visitor Support Center after passing Ssangyong Mountain Cabin, there is a way to Mangwolsa Temple. While you climb up along the valley, you can see Captain Um Hong-gil’s house site and the specialty of the valley, Toad Rock. You will arrive at Mangwolsa Temple while you are completely absorbed in the gift of the nature. Jaunbong, Seoninbong, and Manjangbong Peak surrounding Youngsanjeon Hall, the highest place in Mangwolsa Temple, just as folding screen, will capture your heart. 

Distance: About 4km (round-trip)
Time: About 3 hour (round-trip)
Course: Mangwolsa Temple Station ~ Wondobong Valley ~ Mangwolsa Temple ~ Mangwolsa Temple Station
Location: Howon-dong, Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Provinc
Tourist spot linked: Seogye Park Se-dang’s House/ Food: Jingogae, Pyeongyanggol Sundaeguk

Nurigil linking the nature and the history : Wondang Station 

Seosamreung Nurigil is one section of 6 ‘Goyang Nurigil’ courses in Goyang City. When you exit to Exit 6 at Wondang Station of Line 3 and go straight for 10 minutes(200m) on the street, you can find the traditional alcohol museum ‘Baedari Korean Traditional Wine Museum’. Also, you can meet the museum when you exit to Exit 1 and go around the town. Nurigil starts from the forest path next to the museum. The uphill path Seosamreung Nurigil are the place of the cultural heritage, the town and the forest mingled in harmony, so it’s also a good place to walk with children. 

After a 1-hour lazy walk through Suyeoki Town, Korea Scout Association, to 3,000 py Herb Land cultivating nearly 100 species, you can arrive at Seosamreung and Wondang Horse Farm. Designated as World Cultural Heritage, the royal tombs of Joseon Dynasty(Seosamreung) is a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and share stories about the history of Joseon Dynasty with children. Wondang Horse Farm is popular with couples as a dating course as visitors can enjoy a walk in the pastoral scenery of the green pasture there. 

Distance: 8.28km
Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Course: Wondang Station → Baedari Korean Traditional Wine Museum → Suyeoki Town → Korea Scout Association National Training Center → Wondang Herb Land → Seosamreung & Wondang Racehorse Farm → Nonghyeop University → mineral spring → Samsong Station
Seosamreung: 09:00 to 18:30(Closed on Mondays) / KRW 1,000 for adults, KRW 500 for children
Wondang Horse Farm: Open on Wednesday to Sunday(09:00 to 17:00)/ Free entrance
Tourist spots linked: Haengju Mountain Fortress, Seooreung
Food: Suyeoki Town Food Alley(Stir-fried Webfoot Octopus, Old-style Soft Tofu), Seosamreung Boiled Barley Restaurant

The harmony of landscape of the country and abundance of the city, Moran Market. 

Nation’s leading five-day market, ‘Moran Folk Market’ : Moran Station

Moran Folk Five-Day Market is the largest in the nation. The five-day market opens every 5 days (on 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29) at from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. While you are coming out via Exit 5 at Moran Station of Line 8(Bundang Line), you will be able to feel the noisy atmosphere of the market. Although the atmosphere is not much different from other five-day markets, this market has a well-organized system. In the 13 sections divided by items are displayed densely grains, daily necessities, medicinal herbs, livestock, clothes, vegetables, and fish. In addition, as wholesale and retail markets for Korean chili peppers open simultaneously, large quantities are traded in this place as many as its market price in the capital area can be determined. While you are getting into the cheerful rhythm and strolling around the market, the atmosphere will evoke ardent affections just as a good old photo. 

Location: Seongnam-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province (Moran Folk Market Merchant Association 031-721-9905)
Opening hour: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29 of each month)
Tourist spots linked: Namhan Fortress, Shingu Botanic Garden
Food: Youngjin’s Kalguksu(Kalmandu), Marketplace Red bean porridge & pumpkin porridge, Marketplace Nokdujeon

Co-existence of urban landscape and the flavor of tranquil sea, Wolgot Port. 

Tourist attractions nearby subway stations 

‣Gineung Station: Sapaesan Mountain, Buyongcheon River, Uijeongbu Budaechigae Street ‣Gacheondae Station: Bongguksa Temple, Namhan Fortress‣Gapyeong Station: Nami Island, Jara Island, Ihwawon, The Garden of Morning Calm, ‣Gwacheon Station: Yangjaecheon River Bike Road, Gwacheon Hyanggyo

‣Gwangmyeong Station: Gahak Mine Cave, Choonghyeon Museum ‣Geumgok Station: Hongreung, Yooreung

‣Geumchon Station: Odusan Mountain Unification Observatory, Geumchon Market, Honey Land, Heyri Art Valley ‣Seoul Grand Park Station: Gwacheon National Science Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Land, Seoul Grand Park ‣Daeseongri Station: Daeseong-ri Public Tourist Resort, Daeseong-ri MT Zone ‣Deokso Station: Myojeoksa Temple, Geomdansan Mountain ‣Madu Station: Hosu Park, Western Dom

‣Baekma Station: Jeongbalsan Park, Hosu Park ‣Byeokjae Station: The Latin America Cultural Center, Bogwangsa Temple ‣Bojeong Station: Korean Folk Village ‣Seohyeon Station: Yooldong Park, Bundang Central Park ‣Songnae Station: Incheon Grand Park, Aiins World ‣Songtan Station: Songtan Special Tourist Zone, Joongang Market, Osan Air Base, Songbuk Traditional Market ‣Sunae Station: Bundang Central Park, Tancheon River, Job World ‣Osan Univ. Station: Aquatic Botanical Garden, Mulhyanggi Arboretum, Temperate Zone Native Floral Garden, Wetland Eco-botanical Garden ‣Yongmun Station: Yongmunsa Temple, Rail Bike ‣Ungilsan Station: Sujongsa Temple, Namyangju Complex Movie Making Center ‣Uiwang Station: Uiwang National Park, Railroad Museum ‣Uijeongbu Station: Uijeongbu2-dong Catholic Church, Uijeongbu budaechigae Street ‣Jukjeon Station: Café Street ‣Cheongpyeong Station: The Garden of Morning Calm, Homyeong Lake ‣Hanyang Univ. at Ansan Station: Nojeokbong Waterfall Park, Ansan Reed Wetland Park, Ansan Hosu Park ‣Hwajeon Station: Aerospace Museum, Hwajeon Potted Plant Garden

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