Busan is ‘best’ in treatment and relaxation

Top technology and inexpensive accommodations draw foreign medical tourists

Busan is gaining immense popularity as a mecca of medical tourism, where patients can enjoy both .

With its hospitals and clinics offering outstanding medical technology that can cure serious diseases and its inexpensive medical and accommodation fees, many foreign medical tourists are gathering in Busan. Moreover, there are four university hospitals, 27 general hospitals and 4,500 specialized clinics in the city with state-of-the-art medical equipment, technology and expertise as well as superb human and material resources and infrastructure.

Busan also has airlines that connect with 28 cities in 10 countries along with a large port and the KTX on which foreigners can easily travel to and from the city. The warm climate of Busan and its major attractions such as Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae, Beomeosa and other natural sites allow medical tourists to enjoy recreation and relaxation.

In the Seomyeon area of Busan, which is the city’s largest downtown area, a “Medical Street” has been formed where there is a concentration of plastic surgery clinics. More than 170 ophthalmology, dental and plastic surgery clinics and other medical institutions are densely packed in this area. At the center of this area is Busan Lotte Department Store along with duty-free shopping centers, which makes this Medical Street the optimal medical tourism destination.

From this year, Busan has been offering dental medical tourism packages. This strategy aims to provide customized products according to country. For high-income tourists from Russia, the city offers dental treatment combined with heart ailment treatment and physical examinations.

For Japanese tourists, the city offers implants as well as teeth whitening treatment, and for Chinese tourists, the city offers dental treatment combined with plastic surgery. These customized medical tourism products are sure to draw foreign tourists to the city.

From Sept. 6 to 8, Busan will hold the Busan International Medical Tourism Convention at BEXCO where visitors can get diverse information on cutting-edge medical tourism technology.

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