Overseas volunteer team to provide medical services, cultural exchange in Cambodia and Vietnam

The Busan Foundation for International Activities (BFIA) will carry out an overseas volunteer project to provide medical services and make cultural exchanges in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from July 14 and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from July 21, for periods of 10 days each. 

The overseas volunteers will be divided into two teams: a culture team and a medical treatment team.

The culture team will consist of 50 volunteers (25 for Cambodia, 25 for Vietnam) from universities in Busan who have been selected by the BFIA. Student volunteers will teach various kinds of courses including science, taekwondo, music, and art to Cambodian and Vietnamese children.

In addition, the Lee, Tae-suk International Medical Volunteer Team will visit Cambodia to provide medical services, and the Green Doctors team will visit Vietnam, travelling to areas lacking in medical facilities. The BFIA will continue to carry out overseas volunteer projects and try to engage more local university students in exchange activities with sister cities of Busan.

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