Gangwon Province's export rally begins

Gangwon Province’s export has started to take a turn in increase

Gangwon Province revealed that the export amount for May increased by 17.3% from 178 million dollars to 209 million dollars, taking a turn from the increase in April when the export of Gangwon Province was a little slow.

As for the main export items, ferro alloy (48 million Dollars, 44% increase), medical electronic device (36 million Dollars, 31.5% increase), automotive parts (35 million Dollars, 20.1% increase) increased, while cement (28 million Dollars, 16.4% decrease) and liquor (9 million Dollars, 25.9% decrease) decreased.

As per country, Iran (2,151.7% increase), USA (6.9% increase), China (47.0% increase) and so on increased, while Japan (30.8% decrease), Russia (24.6% decrease) showed a decrease.

Despite the fact that the value of Yen recorded its lowest this year following the continuance of Yen's drop policy for Japanese economic recovery leading to big difficulties in export to Japan the entire May, exports focusing on new markets such as Iran, China, India and Brazil showed an increase, indicating that our province's continuous diversification policy on exporting countries is effective.

Revealed that foreign marketing on Central and South America, Middle East, Southwest Asia, which are considered to be new emerging export regions will be strengthened and full efforts would be made for the post management so that the results of the GTI International tradeㆍinvestment exhibitions held in Gangneung would lead to exports for corporate within the province.

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