Water Quality of Gangwon Province’s East Coast beaches judged to be appropriate

As a result of conducting researches on the water quality prior to the opening of beaches in the East Coast within Gangwon Province in 2013, it has been confirmed that the water at the beaches is extremely clean and appropriate for swimming.

The renowned beaches in Gangwon Province are popular tourist spots for Koreans. The Gangwon Province Health and Environment Research Center’s East Support conducts water quality researches prior to the opening of the beaches to evaluate the water pollution status in order to protect the health of the citizens using marine tourism as well as for the tourism’s sustainability.

As a result of conducting a water quality research twice from May to June on 19 main beaches located in 6 cities and gun of Youngdong region within the province, it was between 4~5 points, which is considered to be an appropriate water quality for beaches.

pH was at an average 7.5 range, the salinity maintained an average of 29.2%. The water temperature was more than 15℃ since June, the appropriate standard for sea bathing recommended by the World Health Organiation (WHO).

The Suspended Solid (SS) which is an organic pollution index and the Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODMn)’s average concentration was 2.2 mg/L and 1.0 mg/L respectively, proving its cleanliness, and the concentration of Total-Phosphorus (T-P), the nutritive salts was 0.019 mg/L, and the ammoniac nitrogen (NH3-N) was 0.031 mg/L, maintaining a clean concentration distribution.

Meanwhile, the average density of the number of colitis germs of the 19 beaches which indicate the hygienic water quality was 33 MPN/100mL, which is approximately 1/30 standard of the water quality standard of 1,000 MPN/100mL, making the water quality appropriate for tourism and leisure activities in the East Coast beaches.

Currently, the water quality of the domestic beaches are being managed in accordance to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries instruction No. 47 Beach Water Quality Standard Application Guideline, and if this guideline is applied, Gangwon Province’s East Coast beaches are showing clean water quality status.

In the future, even while the beaches are open in the year 2013, water quality researches will be conducted on the 19 main beaches in the East Coast and efforts will be made for the water quality management of the beaches within the province.

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