Gwangju Trauma Center Operates Humanities Course for Healing

The Gwangju Trauma Center will start a lecture series called the ‘Humanities Course for Healing’ once a month from this month.

The first lecture will take place on the 24th with a presenter, Park No-ja, a professor from the University of Oslo in Norway with a theme of ‘The Violence by Others and the Violence within Us.’

In addition, Go Mi-sook, a classic critic and Yu Ji-na, a professor of the Dongguk University as well as Jeong Hye-sin, a psychiatrist are expected to present their own special lectures in the next three months.

The applicants are required to submit the entry form through an email or by phone call to the Research and Planning Division of the Center.

Seo Yeon-jeong, an official from the department stated that the trauma center expects the participating citizens will have an opportunity to speak about the potential violence in the daily life and culture in our society.

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