Increasing foreigners on Jeju Island

The number of foreigners on Jeju Island is increasing.

According to Jeju Province, the number of foreign residents residing in Jeju as of January 1st of this year was 12,656 people, a 21.6% increase over last year. Moreover, this figure accounts for 2.2% of Jeju’s total resident population.

Foreigners arriving on Jeju Island showed a slow increase of only 5.7% over the previous year in 2010, after having shown rapid growth in both 2008 and 2009. However, this slump has recently turned itself into an upward trend, and the foreigner population showed growth of 22.4% in 2012, and 22.4% so far this year.

There are 9,434 foreigners on Jeju who do not hold a Korean passport. 864 foreigners have acquired South Korean nationality, and the children of foreign residents number 2,358. Foreign workers who do not hold Korean nationality number 4,461 people, and account for 35.2% of the total foreigner population. Married immigrants number 1,803, and international students, 906.

By nationality, there are 4,654 Chinese nationals, including Chinese-Koreans, accounting for 36.8% of the foreigner population. There are 2,579 Vietnamese people, 881 Philippinos, 852 Indonesians, 652 Americans, and 414 Taiwanese.

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