Nakcheon-ri becames a ‘Global Rural Experience Village.’

Nakcheon-ri village has been selected as part of the Rural-20 project, helping with the globalization of ‘rural experience tours.’

The 'Rural-20 Project' is being promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in order to promote the globalization and creation of special ‘life experience tours’ in rural villages. 

Including Nakcheon-ri, 25 other villages in the nation were selected for the project. The villages were chosen after having been evaluated according to 23 objective guidelines since April of last year. Those guidelines included the number of foreign visitors, and the presence of amenities for foreigners in each village.

Four different packaged theme-tours will be developed for the selected Rural-20 Villages. A tour to familiarize tourists will be held in rural areas for the U.S Ambassador, the German Ambassador to Korea, foreigners living in Korea, and foreign journalists. 

An official from Jeju Province commented, "Jeju is seeking to provide a unique life experience for foreign tourists. It will strengthen support for the revitalization of rural areas in the wake of Nakcheon-ri village being selected as a part of the Rural-20 Project."

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